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UEI Showcases Expanded Entertainment and Smart Home Control Solutions at CES 2023

Universal Electronics - December 12, 2022 — 4 min read

Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ: UEIC), the worldwide leader in universal control technology for entertainment and smart home devices will be presenting exciting new products and technologies that help to simplify and enhance the user experience of controlling devices in the home as well as help to create more sustainable living by decarbonizing electronics and reducing battery waste. A CES 2023 Honoree, UEI will be demonstrating a host of innovative products and solutions on its booth #52014, right at entrance of the CES Smart Home Hall at the Venetian Expo.

Delivering upon its mission to Create Smarter and more Sustainable Living

  • For its Home Entertainment customers, UEI will be demonstrating the NEW UEI ETERNA remote control platform built around the theme of Sustainability. Targeting television and streaming OEMs as well as video service providers, this platform is built on ground-breaking technology that helps to dramatically reduce the products’ environmental footprint with the goal to never have to replace batteries during the useful life of the product. The company’s product has won the 2023 CES Innovations Award, Honoree, and is powered by unique technologies such as;
    • Extreme Low Power connectivity - the next-generation, power efficient Bluetooth Smart SoC with integrated Energy Harvesting capability which enables the SoC to be powered by indoor light and Wi-Fi signals.
    • High-Density Solar cells - the innovative light-harvesting panel captures up to three times more energycompared to traditional solar panels and delivers energy in low-light conditions such as the living or bedroom. 
  • CES2023-HVAC-Email-banner-02For its Climate Control and Automation customers, UEI will feature its NEW UEI TIDE smart thermostat platform. At the show, the company will demonstrate the UEI TIDE DIAL, UEI TIDE Touch and UEI TIDE Bridge, a unique family of white label thermostats and hubs that maximize energy conservation and offer intuitive control capabilities via a unique user interface, its built-in sensors, and offers support for the latest wireless connectivity protocols. The product family is built on UEI’s core technology ingredients such as:
    • QuickSet Widget – the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Smart, Zigbee, Infrared and Matter compatible wireless connectivity solution that is powered by Quickset® Cloud.
    • UEI’s Virtual Agent – the on-device and mobile based self-help software solution that simplifies the onboarding, feature discovery, and troubleshooting experience throughout the lifecycle of the product.
  •  CES2023-QuicksetCloud-header-02QuickSet® Cloud – like millions of products before, the UEI ETERNA remote controls and the UEI TIDE smart thermostats are supported by QuickSet® Cloud, the world’s leading universal control software for home entertainment and smart home devices. At CES the company will demonstrate its latest version that enhances interoperability with legacy and new electronic devices and services in the home and is one of the worlds' first software solutions that is Matter certified.
  • SupportView® – Understanding the need for brands to provide excellent customer support, the company will be showing SupportView® , its diagnostic tool that allows customer support personnel to connect, diagnose and control Internet-enabled CE devices in the home. Enhanced by UEI’s Virtual Agent, it provides consumers with self-help capabilities and simplifies the hand-over process to customer service personnel when needed.
  • Innovative and Award-Winning consumer products – under its own brands for TV accessories and Home Security solutions, the company will showcase its latest product launches such as its innovative One For All Smart Streamer Remote, its design-driven One For All Quadpod TV Stands, and the world’s first Z-Wave Long Range supported product, the Ecolink Universal Garage Door Opener to name a few.

Consumer Electronics Show, Booth #52014 at the Venetian Exhibition Hall

January 5-8, 2023 here or contact eva.delgado@uei.com to schedule a tour or interview.

Now more than ever, UEI is working to design, create, manufacture, recycle and refurbish products and technologies that help to create a smarter and more sustainable living. “UEI is focused on delivering control solutions that offer seamless, wireless connectivity and interoperability, all designed in sustainable products to keep the planet green,” according to Menno Koopmans, SVP of Sales and Marketing, “UEI’s showcase of products and technologies demonstrates our commitment to a smarter and more sustainable future. “

About Universal Electronics
Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ:UEIC), Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ: UEIC), the global leader in wireless universal control solutions for home entertainment and smart home devices; designs, develops, manufactures, ships and supports hardware and software control and sensor technology solutions. UEI partners with many Fortune 500 customers, including Comcast, Vivint Smart Home, Samsung, LG, Sony, and Daikin to serve video, telecommunications, security service providers, television, smart home, and HVAC system manufacturers. For over 35 years, UEI has been pioneering breakthrough innovations such as voice control and QuickSet cloud, the world’s leading platform for automated set-up and control of devices in the home. For more information visit www.uei.com 

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