Going Green is Not a Luxury

As the leading global manufacturer of remote controls, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future with several initiatives to reduce environmental impact..


Decarbonize your electronics

As the leading global manufacturer of remote controls, UEI is committed to creating a sustainable future with several initiatives to reduce environmental impact in manufacturing, supplying and recycling our products including remanufacturing returned remote controls.


No More Battery Waste

As the leading global manufacturer of remote controls, UEI is committed to creating a sustainable future with several initiatives to reduce environmental impact in this includes , eliminating single-use plastics and developing more energy-efficient products.

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Universal Electronics

Contributing to a
sustainable future.

As the largest remote control manufacturer on the planet, we understand the impact our products make to the environment. As such we commit ourselves to continuously review and improve the environmental footprint that our products, our production, and our supply chain activities leave behind.

LifeCycle approach to Sustainability

We believe in a taking a holistic approach to design sustainable products and supply chains throughout the entire life cycle of the product.

  • Design products with sustainable materials and components.
  • Build products in sustainable factories.
  • Ship products in sustainable packaging.
  • Reduce the energy products consume.
  • Recycle the product components.
  • Provide components a second life after refurbishment.
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Recycled and Recyclable Plastics

UEI products are designed and built from the ground up with a sustainability Post Consumer Recycled plastics are used to dramatically reduce the use of virgin materials, the CO2 footprint of the remote control is minimized UEI is actively exploring implementing Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics in our production chain.




UEI launched a new program: Like New, which results in getting products back from the field, recycling the plastic parts, testing and reusing the electrical components. UEI updates the software, re-assembles the product, and perform tests to ensure that the product has the same characteristics as the original product.


Environmentally Friendly Processing and SUP Free Packaging

UEI is committed to minimize itsCO2 footprint. This includes the impact of materials chosen. We strive for zero plastics in our packaging and in our logistics cycle. We are implementing new procedures to create a Zero Plastic option for packaging. UEI received the packaging Innovations Award for our retail products. Our team redesigned the packaging to zero plastic. The amount of PET (protective film & poly bag) saved is more than 19.000 kg per year.


Xtreme Low Power Chip

The only silicon in the market, with built in energy harvesting capabilities to efficiently power itself from ambient energy sources.


UEI Eterna Platform

Redefining control. The next-generation entertainment controller that delivers on our mission for a more sustainable future.

Expanding knowledge base

We stay abreast of new trends in wireless to ensure we can provide the latest innovation for our customers. Contact us to learn more.