Our Sustainability

As the leading wireless universal control solutions for home entertainment and smart home applications, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future through effective corporate citizenship and by reducing our environmental impact. We seek to embed sustainability into our business decisions, allowing us to support our customer’s sustainability goals while delivering the highest quality, responsibly made products and services.

Our sustainability program and strategy is built on four core pillars

Our People and our Products

Ensure our employees are provided a working environment where they feel like they belong and where they are safe, healthy, and productive. Manufacture products with a small environmental footprint through the life of the product, sourcing along a responsible supply chain.

Our Communities and the Planet

Uphold and protect the rights of people and communities throughout our supply chain. Reduce resource use and waste output in our operations, working our suppliers to do the same.

2023 Sustainability Report is now available

We are pleased to announce that our 2023 Sustainability Report is now available. UEI is committed to creating a more sustainable future through effective corporate citizenship and by reducing our environmental impact. Our 2023 Sustainability Report provides an overview of our sustainability goals, programs, and data.


Sustainability Oversight

Our Corporate Governance, Nominating, and Sustainability Committee is responsible for monitoring our sustainability-related strategy, policies, and practices. Our Executive Sustainability Steering Committee, comprised of key executives from across the organization, approves and implements sustainability strategy. Our cross-functional Sustainability Working Group to support in the implementation of our sustainability policies, strategies, and goals throughout the company.


UEI’s Material Topics

In 2023, we commissioned a third-party assessment to determine the sustainability-related material topics that significantly influence our business, our stakeholders, and the broader society and environment. The materiality assessment will serve as a cornerstone for UEI’s sustainability program. By pinpointing critical sustainability topics, we can streamline our reporting and better prioritize sustainability areas where UEI can have the most significant impact.


We will use the assessment results to:

  • Direct resources to high-impact initiatives.
  • Proactively identify sustainability risk.
  • Explore opportunities to enhance UEI's resilience.
  • Measure and monitor our progress.
  • Integrate sustainability considerations into UEI's decision-making processes.

Sustainability Objectives and Goals

Based on our identified sustainability priorities, we create a well-defined set of sustainability objectives and goal, each tied to a material topic. Our priorities include a wide variety of essential programs, polices, and procedures that help us ensure we are an ethical, resilient, and responsible company. In an effort to fulfill our commitment to transparency, we will report on our progress towards these goals and targets in our annual sustainability reports.