Universal Electronics' Device Management Services

NetReady enables consumer electronics manufacturers to control, maintain, and support Internet-connected digital home products.

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Control, maintain, and support Internet-connected digital home products

UEI provides a comprehensive device management system called NetReady which enables consumer electronics manufacturers to efficiently and effectively control, maintain, and support Internet-connected digital home products including TVs, BD players, set-top boxes, gaming consoles, and more. These core components are part of NetReady’s expanding suite of add-on modules, each of which is applicable to a focused area in the device management ecosystem.

OTA Software Update Service

Manufacturers need an advanced software management system to ensure products are adequately updated and supported. Due to the frequency of adding new streaming content services and  related recurring revenue ad-tek solutions, digital home devices are more likely to experience software bugs than ever. 

NetReady contains a robust, secure, and multipath software update service which delivers and automatically installs firmware upgrades to home devices via the Internet, over the air terrestrial broadcast, through cable transmissions, and by mail on USB (or similar) storage drives.


Device Provisioning

Secure Delivery Of DRM Keys For Streaming Content Services

NetReady includes in-field DRM Key Provisioning that provides connected digital streaming devices, such as Smart TVs and streaming sticks or dongles, with the ability to securely receive and install DRM credentials into streaming devices in the field, simplifying manufacturing processes and enabling the addition of new content services after the device has shipped from the factory.


Remote Device Support

Remote Interactive Technical Support 

With the customer’s permission, the customer service agent can engage in a virtual on-site support session to view the screen, operate the remote control, run system diagnostics, and utilize customized tools and diagnostics to quickly resolve issues or assist the customer with device installation and properly configuring their device


Making integration easy

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