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World-class manufacturer of wireless sensing and control solutions

Reliable and scalable manufacturing partner

We leverage our R&D, product development and supply chain capabilities across manufacturing sites in China, Mexico, Brazil and Southeast Asia.

Key capabilities

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Quality is at the very heart of our organization.

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We leverage our global scale across all  manufacturing sites.

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High-volume automated lines to low-volume cell production.

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We are committed to reducing environmental impact.


Why work with us

Being the world's largest manufacturer of wireless control solutions and a significant player in security sensors, thermostats and other electronics, we have a solid background in building quality products at scale. All of our facilities utilize the same production process infrastructure to ensure consistent quality, efficiency, flexibility and sustainability.

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How we make the difference

Being at the forefront of change in wireless sensing and control, we invest in building expertise and infrastructure to produce, assemble and test voice-enabled, two-way communication devices. With automation, design-for-manufacturing and continuous improvement tools, we build world-class manufacturing facilities for high-volume and high-mix electronics.

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Our manufacturing process


Surface mounting

For high-quality printed circuit boards


Plastic injection

For high-precision, zero-gap housing


Surface treatment

For premium coating and paint application


Keypad production

For durable, backlit and intuitive keypads


Final assembly

For reliable and efficient assembly of electronic devices

Our manufacturing capabilities


All of our facilities are ISO certified to meet quality and environmental standards. Our Quality Management System allows us to track the quality of our processes and production lines around the world. We take great pride in our commitment to quality that serves as the backbone of our organization.



As one of the world's largest providers of sensing and control solutions, our scale allows us to leverage our supply chain and manufacturing skills in high-volume electronics across all of our facilities. This helps us to continuously build the most efficient solutions.

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In order to deliver the most flexible manufacturing services, we have mastered a variety of best-in-class manufacturing processes, from fully automated assembly lines for high-volume production to flexible cell production units for low-volume items with high mix. We are continuously optimizing our manufacturing processes to quickly adapt to customer requirements.



We believe we have a responsibility to our customers and stakeholders to help make the world a more sustainable place. Solutions such as our Like New program, R&D initiatives in battery efficiency and the use of biodegradable packaging and recyclable plastics are designed to meet our commitment and reduce our environmental impact.


Global manufacturing capabilities

Watch this video to see our global manufacturing teams in action, from assembly to logistics to testing.

Scale with us

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