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Global market leader with many firsts

We provide differentiated control solutions to the world’s largest home entertainment service providers.

Video Service providers

Interoperability across devices and systems

Our expertise in universal control, wireless and cloud simplifies the home entertainment experience.

Video Service providers

Blending home entertainment and smart home control experiences

Our technology enables seamless control experiences across devices and services.

What we offer

Customized control solutions

By applying our control technology, design skills and engineering expertise, we supply service providers with custom product designs or pre-configured platform products.

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Advanced control

We offer a wide range of advanced TV control solutions to meet a variety of needs.

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Voice control

Our Emmy® winning technology enables high-precision voice search and control capabilities.

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QuickSet® Cloud

QuickSet® Cloud offers automatic discovery, control and interoperability across devices.

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Nevo® Butler

White label smart home hub blending entertainment and smart home experiences.


Sustainable Control Solutions

As the leading global manufacturer of remote controls, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future with several initiatives to reduce environmental impact.


Advanced control solutions

As the market leader in advanced TV control, we've developed solutions for major operating systems including Android TV, RDK, Linux and many more.


Voice control

After pioneering voice control for home entertainment systems, we built on the technology by providing integration with a wide range of devices, earning an Emmy® for our innovation.


QuickSet Cloud

With the world's largest device knowledge graph, QuickSet offers automatic discovery and control, interoperability, remote management and many other services.


Nevo Butler

Nevo Butler is a smart home hub integrated with QuickSet Cloud and our digital assistant, providing far-field voice technology to enable control of entertainment and smart home devices.


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