Climate management

Modern design and built-in sensing capabilities provide an intuitive user experience.


Complete HVAC
solutions and support

We have more than 20 years of experience providing end-to-end advanced control solutions to the world’s leading HVAC brands.

UEI TIDE smart thermostats

Our family of UEI TIDE smart thermostats is designed to simplify installation, use and support of climate control in residential, commercial and hospitality applications with built-in sensing capabilities to optimize comfort and reduce costs. 


HVAC controllers

From handheld to wall-mounted controllers, from Infrared to advanced wireless RF and from tactile keys to intuitive touch screens, we offer solutions to meet your HVAC needs and enable interoperability with other devices.



Our Energy Management System (EMS) Kit can help reduce energy consumption when a hotel room is unoccupied.


Home automation and security thermostats

Our range of thermostat platforms are compatible with different protocols, including Zigbee 3.0, Z-Wave and BLE 4.2, and can be integrated with existing security system panels or hubs. Used with our low-power silicon module designed for HVAC control, we can lower costs while offering the best product for your customers.


The UEI difference

We offer unmatched experience with leading global HVAC companies and industry-leading expertise. Find out more.