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UEI Announces Major Expansion to the UEI TIDE™ Family of Smart Thermostats

Universal Electronics - January 5, 2024 — 3 min read


Las Vegas, – (BUSINESSWIRE) – Jan. 8, 2024 --- Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ: UEIC), the worldwide leader in universal control technology for smart home and entertainment devices announces four new products: TIDE Dial M, TIDE Dial M with Scene Controller Pack, TIDE Bridge+ and TIDE Bridge+IAQ in addition to the Smart TRV and C-wire adapter accessories.  UEI will provide a sneak-peak of their new line-up at their booth #52023 in the Smart Home Pavilion in the Venetian, at the 2024 International Consumer Electronics Show.

The current UEI TIDE climate control family includes a broad portfolio of tactile and touch-operated smart thermostats; a wireless bridge allowing smart thermostats to be completely portable and placed anywhere; a built-in smart home hub to enable an all-in-one smart home control service; complemented with UEI’s complete line-up of sensors as well as a growing list of 3rd party devices including air quality, lighting and shade control.  Enabling complete smart home automation across many devices.  

The newly expanded Smart Thermostat family will soon include several new product solutions that address major industry and consumer pain points.

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The New Product Line-up Announcement:

  • UEI TIDE Dial M: Offers best-in-class battery life of two years for a wireless, full-color display thermostat controller that delivers ultimate consumer convenience when paired with the TIDE Bridge for a fully untethered control experience.
  • UEI TIDE Dial M with Scene Controller: A wall-mounted, full-color thermostat that does not rely on C-wire connectivity, for ease of installation with the added functionality of a four-button programmable scene controller right at your fingertips for a complete smart home experience. 
  • UEI TIDE Bridge+ : A complete climate control and smart home platform with all the intelligence of a smart thermostat, and a built-in Zigbee hub and Matter® compatibility allowing users to interact with their climate controller and paired sensors via any Matter-enabled controller such as Android and iOS Smartphones, Smart Displays including Amazon Echo, or AppleTV without using 3rd party apps. 
  •  UEI TIDE Bridge+IAQ: Integrates Air Quality sensing and control into the TIDE Bridge+ platform allowing users to monitor indoor air quality in addition to temperature, humidity and CO2 already available in TIDE Bridge+; and with the ability to enable control of 3rd party IR-controllable air purifiers for automated room air quality improvement.
  • C-wire Adapter: A convenient accessory for non-HVAC dealers that allows easy installation of TIDE Dial and Touch thermostats and multi-zone controllers when no C-wire is available.
  • Smart TRV:  A smart thermostatic radiator valve that connects to any TIDE thermostat product to deliver smart, wireless control of the central heating system and/or in-room radiator heater.
  • TIDE Zigbee Compatible Sensors: A line of Zigbee 3.0 compatible sensors including door/window, occupancy, flood/freeze, CO2 and temp/humidity that can be paired with any of the TIDE family of climate control solutions.

Our expansion of the UEI TIDE climate control family of products shows our commitment to our HVAC customers and the industry in general. Our product teams are working to innovate climate control technologies that address major needs and pain points in the industry that impact the entire home control ecosystem. We are excited about our current line-up of products, and the potential growth our solutions can bring to this billion-dollar worldwide market.  

David Chong, EVP, Global Sales

Product availability has not been finalized. For a product demonstration visit the UEI booth, #52023 or contact eva.delgado@uei.com to schedule a tour or press briefing here.

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