Unmatched software service and support

Development, integration
and fleet support

We offer technical software support during the entire lifecycle of your product or service.

Integration support

All of our software solutions come with clear APIs, software development kits, documentation, sample code and reference implementations so that most of the system integration can be done directly by our customers or their system integrators. Where needed, we have local software application engineers and solution architects available to help with system integration and support.

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Technical support

We provide support to our customers through our online helpdesk, available 24/7. In each major region, we have local software application engineers that can help customers in the same time zone, often in the same language.

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Self-service technology

We offer many tools for automated self-help, from online video instruction and control code support databases to our UEI Virtual Agent that helps with onboarding, feature discovery and troubleshooting.

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Since we control our own firmware and software stack for many of our solutions, we include security from the start. We also control our cloud and edge software solutions which are rolled out in over half a billion devices, giving us the advantage of having our software tested by many leading companies and their independent security auditors.

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Making integration easy

We’ve mastered the skill of integrating our products, services and security with our customers' systems and ecosystem providers. Contact us to learn more.