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Innovator in sensing and
control technology

With R&D centers in the U.S., Europe, China, Taiwan and India, we are committed to innovation in sensing and control technology that helps our customers to create smarter products.

Key capabilities

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Voice control

A true pioneer with award-wining voice control technology.

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Universal control

The world's most comprehensive device knowledge graph.

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Cloud services

QuickSet Cloud offers unique discovery and control capabilities.

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Digital assistant blends entertainment and smart home control experiences.


Why work with us

We know wireless control. Whether it's Infrared, Zigbee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communicating between a remote control and a television, a security sensor and a wall panel, or a thermostat and an air conditioner, our technology connects consumers and their devices in the home.


How we make the difference

We have an unmatched accumulation of knowledge of device data and system behavior of virtually any electronics device in the home. We have continuously worked on increasing our expertise to understand system interaction for entertainment, climate control and smart home devices.

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Our innovative capabilities

Voice control

A true innovator in the field, our expertise spans from our first voice-enabled remote control in 2003 to a Technology Emmy® Award for television voice search and control in 2017. We offer solutions for automated speech recognition and natural language processing, near-field and far-field voice capturing, and voice-based microphone activation.

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Universal control

Over three decades we have accumulated the world's most comprehensive database for control of entertainment and smart home devices including capabilities, control protocols and system behavior, as well as the apps and services that run on these devices. 


QuickSet® Cloud and services

Our QuickSet® Cloud platform offers a full range of discovery and interaction capabilities for virtually every device and system in the home. Our managed cloud services include interoperability, remote device management and our UEI Virtual Agent for automated setup, feature discovery and troubleshooting.

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Digital assistant

With, we created our own digital assistant that leverages our unique discovery and control capabilities. Our white-label, voice-enabled assistant can help users seamlessly interact with our device knowledge base and delivers unique control and support services.

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