Introducing the
Nevo® Platform

Nevo is our white label smart home and entertainment control solution. It seamlessly blends QuickSet® Cloud, nevo.ai, services, gateways, modules, and devices into one system.


The Nevo platform

Nevo unifies entertainment and home automation control, enabling interoperability across devices and ecosystems.

QuickSet® Cloud

Nevo is powered by QuickSet Cloud which allows the system to discover, interact and control virtually any electronic device or service in the home. 


Digital assistant

The user interface of the platform is our digital assistant, nevo.ai, an intelligent multimodal interface which interacts with the user over voice, graphical and tactile interfaces.


Software services

Leveraging our cloud and digital assistant, the Nevo platform offers multiple discovery, control and support services.



The Nevo platform can run on virtually any internet-connected OEM device, but presents itself in its purest form on our highly secured, voice-enabled, white label gateway, Nevo Butler.


QuickSet Widget

Nevo allows products to interact with many connected and legacy electronic devices in the home, especially when powered by our connected wireless QuickSet Widget module.



For a complete end-to-end system, we offer many white label IoT devices such as Zigbee sensors and thermostats. We also certify third party IoT devices via our Works with QuickSet program. 


Talk to our experts

Nevo takes the modern smart home and entertainment system experience to the next level. Contact us to learn more.