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UEI Announces QuickSet® Software Expansion for Better Entertainment and Increased Engagement through Personalization

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Las Vegas, – (BUSINESSWIRE) – Jan. 11, 2024 --- Universal Electronics Inc. (NASDAQ: UEIC), the worldwide leader in universal control technology for smart home and entertainment devices announced the release of its latest QuickSet® solution, which now expands content discovery, control and interaction across millions of devices and households.

QuickSet Increases User-Engagement

QuickSet Cloud is now discovering more devices than ever ranging from entertainment devices to other smart home device categories across multiple protocols.  The latest release of QuickSet has expanded functionality for entertainment and whole home audio use cases to provide deeper device and content history across an ever-increasing landscape of devices and services in the home.  This privacy-first approach in capturing user preferences across devices, helps increase engagement through enhanced personalized recommendations for a better end-user experience. QuickSet’s content history capabilities also extended to new categories of content usage in the home such as whole home audio as well as  audio/video casting.

Research shows that 49% of Smart TV Households use their Smart TV to stream music/audio while 38% use it to cast from other screens. TV and STB platforms are missing out on user engagement in these non-traditional TV use cases. With more devices capable of streaming within the home, it is necessary to have better insights on content usage across the whole home for better personalization. QuickSet brings whole home audio and extends content discovery to audio/video streaming to expand consumer recommendation across devices and services to better personalize the end-user experience. 

During initial trials, QuickSet has been shown to increase engagement minutes; through providing more personalization options, resulting in higher SVOD, AVOD and FAST adoption in a crowded field.

CES 2024 Matter+QS-1-1

QuickSet Support for Matter

Smart Homes of today are fragmented using multiple protocols that do not interoperate, causing frustration for users. There is a gap in interoperability between legacy, current and new devices in the home. QuickSet helps bridge this gap by controlling existing devices across protocols like IR, IP and Zigbee in addition to exposing these devices to newer Matter Controllers in the home. QuickSet also allows for fast adoption of Matter through a certified software drop making any device a Matter Administrator in the home controlling matter and non-matter devices.


QuickSet Cloud Integrated across UEI’s New Product Portfolio

In addition to powering hundreds of millions of smart entertainment devices globally, QuickSet Cloud also powers UEI’s line of Butler Hubs including Nevo Butler, Zigbee-compatible Butler, Matter Bridge and the Butler Smart Hub, as well as the UEI TIDE family of climate control products. 

QuickSet-powered Zigbee compatible Hubs and Matter bridges extend existing devices to become part of the Matter fabric. QuickSet’s Multi-Admin Matter Controller integrates with major ecosystem players like Apple, Amazon, Google and SmartThings enabling control of a wide range of QuickSet-compatible and Matter capable devices in one go.

QuickSet Cloud Delivers Better End-User Support

QuickSet Cloud now comes with pre-integrated support for nevo.ai Virtual Agent for a personalized AI-powered self-help, trusted friends, and remote CSR scenarios. 

QuickSet’s contextual awareness and vast device knowledge base, combined with the ease of use of an agent, enables users to find and fix the most common issues in smart home from device on-boarding, connectivity, and device troubleshooting. These capabilities extend to both entertainment and smart home devices, including the UEI Tide Smart Thermostat family. Users can also leverage help from friends and family by simply sharing a session with them through a QR code for app-less, remote control and troubleshooting. Quickset, Virtual Agent and Supportview® working together provide all the relevant tools for a CSR agent to diagnose and fix an issue remotely. 

We continue to extend the reach and intelligence of UEI’s QuickSet solution to deliver tangible value to our customers’ products and applications. We help increase user engagement by blending video, whole home audio and smart home use cases in simple, privacy-first and user-centric approach. Use cases that create a more personalized end-user experience that help drive user engagement on key revenue-generating platforms for our customers.

Arsham Hatambeiki, Sr. VP, of Products and Technology

UEI will be demonstrating these latest capabilities at the Booth #52023 at the Smart Home Pavilion at the Venetian, at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas starting January 9, 2024. 

For details or a product demonstration visit the UEI booth, #52023or contact eva.delgado@uei.com to schedule a tour or a media briefing here.

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