No More Battery Waste

Xtreme Low Power Chip with Energy Harvesting, a perfect solution to reduce battery waste and minimize the CO2 footprint in the Home Entertainment and Smart Home Controller.

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Xtreme Low Power Chip with Energy Harvesting Solution

Universal Electronics is committed to creating a sustainable world for future generations. Our unique Xtreme Low Power Chip comes with a High Density (HD) Indoor Solar Panel to help transition the world towards a more sustainable future by reducing primary battery waste throughout the product's lifespan and reduces the CO2 footprint.

Extreme Low Power

The silicon’s unique chip-level low-power digital circuit, RF and login design ensures every energy joule does not go to waste. This solution is tailor-made for the next generation of wireless remote control and sensor applications. Users do not need to change the batteries as frequently as they do today or even at all.

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Energy Harvesting

UEI's Energy Harvesting Technology will capture multiple sources of energy including light and RF energy from indoor environments.

This combined with the Xtreme Low Power technology help to extend the single-use battery life up to 10x longer, or Battery-for-Life remote control that does not need battery replacement.

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High Efficiency Single-Cell Solar Panel

The UEI exclusive High-Efficiency Single-Cell Solar Panel offers the highest energy density available for integration into the smallest form-factors devices like remote controls and sensors. It provides 3x the power for the same size or the same power for 1/3 the panel size as the most widely used solar panel.

Best-in-class efficiency in energy harvesting with indoor light, low light, and partial shade situations thanks to the Single Cell technology that offers a near-linear performance when any part of the cell is not receiving light.


No compromise to the product features

Computing power that delivers 2.5 times more, plus 80% more efficient as compared to the previous generation SoC; Advanced features including wireless connectivity, adaptive backlight, powered by QuickSet®, multi-platform compatible and always listening handsfree can be supported without compromising the battery life.

Common use wireless connectivity includes Bluetooth Low Energy 5.2 and Infrared are supported by our Xtreme Low Energy solution.


Frictionless New Consumer Experience

Delivers a brand-new user experience with no need to change the batteries as frequently as today or even at all.

BLE/Video*: 10x longer Battery Life with Xtreme Low Power compared to a conventional remote.
IR/BLE/Voice/Backlight*: 3.5x longer Battery Life with Xtreme Low Power compared to a conventional remote.
*Assuming remote life span of 7 years.


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