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Universal Electronics' OTA Software Update Service

NetReady Solution

NetReady provides a secure and efficient software update service for manufacturers to fix security bugs and to update and support the product software as needed.

Secure, Worldwide Distribution Of Software And Feature Updates
Manufacturers need an advanced software management system to ensure products are adequately updated and supported. Due to the frequency of adding new streaming content services and  related recurring revenue ad-tek solutions, digital home devices are more likely to experience software bugs than ever. NetReady contains a robust, secure, and multipath software update service which delivers and automatically installs firmware upgrades to home devices via the Internet. NetReady provides a completely turn-key service for managing software and firmware updates. Manufacturers often choose to NetReady provides for roll-out updates in phases to ensure that revisions work properly and to protect against sudden surges in support calls.

Global Service Coverage (SaaS)​


  • Device/Server authentication
  • Payload encryption​

Advanced Management Capabilities​

  • Targeted device distribution (Device groups, Geography)​
  • Extensive device reporting​

Content Provider-approved​

  • Is compliant with the Robustness Rules as required by Netflix, Amazon VOD, Google and other streaming services
  • Works with devices that require Google Robustness Rules 
Targeted Updates
  • Update a single device or group of devices by ID
  • Update groups by common attribute, or geography
  • Update specific software versions

​Differential and sequential update support

​Phased rollouts

  • Set maximum distribution quantity to limit updates
  • Increase maximum over time with confidence

Easy-to-use, web-based administration tools

Global Content Delivery Network

Making integration easy

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