Our Responsibility to Our Workers

Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) has long prided itself on being a fair and equal opportunity employer, providing our employees with a work environment free of discrimination and harassment.

We are committed to an inclusive culture that values equality, opportunity and respect. We have an active Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct that our employees and supply chain members, respectively, must adhere to, both of which cover diversity, inclusion, anti-discrimination and corporate social responsibility.

In addition, as an affiliate member of the Responsible Business Alliance, we adhere to and require our supply chain members to adhere to RBA’s Code of Conduct. The respect for human rights is a core tenet both within our organization and when working with our supply chain members, and our employees are encouraged to notify the Company if they notice or suspect any violation of our employee Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct or of law. We have a confidential ethics hotline to enable our employees to report any suspected violations of applicable laws or policies. In locations where we use third-party employment or labor agencies to source some members of our workforce, we only work with established agencies who share our philosophy regarding fair and equal employment practices. In addition, we have increased our audit and review efforts of such agencies to ensure that their practices are in line with our policies and priorities and they operate in compliance with our Supplier Code of Conduct and the RBA Code of Conduct.

Download the RBA Code of Conduct