QuickSet® Cloud

Offering discovery, control and interoperability across entertainment and smart home devices.


What we offer

Discover, control and interact with virtually every device within the home using the world's largest knowledge graph of devices.

Why QuickSet Cloud

QuickSet Cloud is a data-driven intelligent cloud platform that uses machine leaning and artificial intelligence to control and connect devices in the home.



Blending entertainment and smart home experiences

Utilizing the device knowledge graph, QuickSet Cloud is able to discover, automate and control over 30 different protocols into one seamless experience.

Universal Control-2

QuickSet for MSO

Reduce setup friction and enhance the customer experience with QuickSet automated setup and One Touch View.


QuickSet for TV

Blend entertainment and smart home into one seamless experience with QuickSet Cloud.


QuickSet for Smart Speaker

Complete universal control enables complete coverage of install base and entertainment viewing.

The UEI difference

Learn how QuickSet can improve the customer experience.