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One For All Retail Accessories

At One For All® we are totally focused on developing products that let you experience ultimate home comfort. We are committed to delivering simple solutions by introducing meaningful innovations that are truly universal. With our products sold in over 13,000 stores across Europe, we are a true specialist when it comes to digital audio-video accessories.

We are the inventor of the Universal Remote Control and it’s the technology inside that’s the magic. That is where all the exciting possibilities lie. One For All is a lot more than a remote control company. As a global leader in wireless control technology for over 20 years and a European leader in home antennas, we’re shaping and defining what’s possible in the connected home.

One For All is the consumer brand of Universal Electronics Inc., the world leader in wireless control solutions. In our almost 27-year existence, we have introduced the user-friendliest products to the market in our role as a technology partner to the major players and brands in the home entertainment industry. As a result, we have gained extensive knowledge of how consumers all over the world interact with their devices.

It is, therefore, no coincidence that most of the A-brand, consumer electronics hardware manufacturers and Subscription Broadcasting companies use our technology for their devices. Over 400,000,000 consumers all over the world interact with Universal Electronics technology every day. That is why One For All®, like no other, is able to come up with new, interactive ways of enhancing a user’s experience.

It is not the number of codes included in the handset that makes the most reliable remote, but the codes’ relevance to specific markets and habits. That is what makes Universal Electronic’s code database unique within the industry. With over 1,000,000 universal remote controls equipped with Universal Electronics technology sold every week, the Universal Electronics Device Codes Database is the largest and most comprehensive in the world.

The fact that we have device capture-centers located throughout the world means that our database is continuously updated with device codes for the new products coming to the market every day. That is why we provide the in-house One For All® Customer Care Centre to care for and learn from our users. We truly believe that ultimate home comfort is not something our clients and users should have to figure out for themselves. It is something they should just be able to enjoy!

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