Nevo Butler for
video service providers

Blending entertainment and smart home solutions.


The platform

Nevo is our white-label end-to-end smart home and entertainment control solution. It consists of our QuickSet® Cloud,, services, gateways and devices that seamlessly work together as one system.

Nevo Butler

With far-field voice control and interoperability with a variety of ecosystems, Nevo Butler blends entertainment and smart home control for televisions, set-top boxes, accessories and smart home devices.

Group 4

Voice control

Nevo Butler enables a branded assistant offering far-field voice control of entertainment systems and devices in the home. 

Voice Control @1x

Content control

Voice control makes discovery and navigation of content far easier, eliminating complex user interactions. 

Content control@1x

Universal control

Complete universal control compatible with Infrared, Zigbee, RF4CE and IP control enabling complete coverage of entertainment viewing.


Interoperability as a service

Enable interoperability with third-party devices and ecosystems including hubs, smart speakers and automation platforms as well as those Powered by QuickSet.


UEI Virtual Agent

UEI Virtual Agent offers self-help capabilities for onboarding, discovery and troubleshooting for entertainment and smart home devices, available on device, mobile app or support website.


Nevo for Video Service Providers


Get in control

We offers voice capabilities for discovery, control and support. Learn more.