Nevo Butler as
Far Field Voice Companion

Extend voice-enabled set-top boxes with Far Field Voice Control using our Nevo Butler voice peripheral. 


The platform

Nevo Butler lets consumers control their entertainment experience without picking up the remote using a branded voice assistant. 

Voice control

Nevo Butler enables a branded assistant offering far-field voice control of entertainment systems. 

Voice Control @1x

Interoperability with major voice assistants

Nevo Butler works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, letting the subscriber use these voice assistants to control their entertainment experience. 


Launch apps directly

Use a specific voice command to trigger a string of events, for example launching an app on the set-top box, activating the TV and amplifier, and selecting the right input. 


UEI Virtual Agent

UEI Virtual Agent offers self-help capabilities for onboarding, discovery and troubleshooting for entertainment devices, available on the device, mobile app or support website. 


Privacy guarantee

By using commands that are handled locally, a cloud connection is not needed and privacy is ensured. 


Nevo for Video Service Providers


Get in control

We offers voice capabilities for discovery, control and support. Learn more.