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Universal Electronics Sustainability
Getting Rid of Plastics in Packaging as we Celebrate Zero Emissions day

For many years, at UEI we’ve been working to reduce our single-use plastic usage for our customers in various ways, including products that are...

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Universal Electronics Sustainability
Smart Energy Checks Into the Hotel Sector

No One can Control the Weather, Hotels can now Remotely Control Unoccupied Rooms more Precisely.

Energy costs are up, and extreme climate events...

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Universal Electronics Sustainability
Every Day is Recycling Day at UEI

March 18th is Global Recycling Day. Happy Global Recycling Day! At UEI, every day is recycling day. We’ve been doing research about it, that we...

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UEI Eterna

No More Battery Waste

This revolutionary new remote control platform ETERNA is the next-generation entertainment controller that delivers on our mission for a more sustainable future.


Going Green is Not a Luxury

As the leading global manufacturer of remote controls, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future with several initiatives to reduce environmental impact.