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Reduce costs and increase efficiency with our energy management solutions.


Reduce energy consumption

Reduce energy consumption with our Energy Management System Kit or a complete integrated solution for the connected hotel room.

Energy Management System Kit

Our TBH 300 Energy Management System (EMS) Kit is designed to optimize energy efficiency by combining hardware and software to reduce energy consumption in unoccupied hotel rooms. The kit includes a connected thermostat, and door/window and occupancy sensors to determine if a guest is present and switches between temperature modes and adjusts power accordingly. For easy installation and maintenance, there is a mobile app available.


Our kits


Kit 1 - EcoBasic

TBH300 + 1 motion sensor + 1 door/window sensor

* Thermostat also available in black


Kit 2 - EcoStandard

TBH300 + 1 motion sensor + 2 door/window sensors

* Thermostat also available in black


Kit 3 - EcoExtended

TBH300 + 2 motion sensors + 1 door/window sensor

* Thermostat also available in black

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