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Secure Delivery of DRM Keys For Streaming Content Services

Secure Delivery Of DRM Keys For Streaming Content Services

NetReady includes in-field DRM Key Provisioning that provides connected digital streaming devices, such as Internet-connected TVs and Blu-ray players, with the ability to securely receive and install DRM credentials into streaming devices in the field, simplifying manufacturing processes and enabling the addition of new content services after the device has shipped from the factory.


Highly Secure

DRM Provisioning is compatible with all major streaming services and all leading DRM formats and works with all major content service providers such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu among others.

Future-Proofing The Device

Digital home devices need to be extensible and “future-proofed” to accommodate new content services, features, and applications as they become available. DRM Provisioning from UEI enables the Internet-connected digital home device to automatically receive new and updated DRM security credentials securely in the consumer’s home.

Enhanced Revenue Opportunities

DRM Provisioning provides remote device management including the ability to add, revoke, or replace media player credentials in the field, thereby maximizing revenue generating opportunities.

Reduced Costs And Time-To-Market

With DRM Provisioning, the provisioning process is securely managed after the consumer connects the device to the Internet.  Dynamic Provisioning mitigates risk in the device’s development schedule and improves time to market by allowing mass-production to begin before all the certifications for planned services on the device have been completed.

Device Provisioning Service

Secure, Device-specific, Object Payload Delivery
  • Deliver DRM keys, security certificates, other secret objects

​Simplified DRM Key Management

  • Streamline factory certificate/key provisioning 
  • Minimize factory provisioning errors

​In-field Device Management

  • Enable new streaming services
  • Resolve corrupt, duplicate, or missing certs and key issues
  • Revoke and re-provision compromised keys

​Global service coverage

​Works with Netflix, Google, Apple Fairplay and other streaming  services


Making integration easy

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