QuickSet® Cloud

Entertainment and smart home device discovery and control platform offering Interoperability as a Service used by hundreds of millions of devices from leading brands. 

Device Discovery & Fingerprinting

Discover devices across wired and wireless communication interfaces, and uncover useful meta data when matched against a comprehensive and professionally managed device knowladge graph.

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Control+ & Rules Engines

A complete framework for delivering automation and interoperability to capable IoT Edge devices, including cross-platform scripting capabilities, and control engines across many common interfaces used in entertainment and smart home devices.  

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Device Management

Device dashboard, secure remote access, fleet management, IoT messaging framework and other capabilities to simplify introduction, monitoring and management of smart devices for the connected home.

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Quickset for Set-top box

Removes the friction for watching TV, with a single keypress or spoken command, take the user to the desired content, without any user intervention. And consider making the video experience a larger part of the smart home. 

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Quickset for Smart TV

Automatically discover content sources, and directly tune to to the appropriate device. Offer ease and convenience through interoperability with smart home devices, setting the mood for the living room.

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Quickset for Hubs

Offer compatibility with the most popular devices used by consumers globally from widely popular in-room air-conditioning systems to smart locks, and of course entertainment devices.

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Digital assistant platform optimized for smart home applications, nevo.ai powered by QuickSet Cloud; offered as a white label solution to accelerate introduction of new services.

Branded Digital ASSISTANT 

Smart home services offered through branded natural language interface to simply consumer interaction with services, while maintaining a branded experience.

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Enterprise Integration

Simplify integration with existing customer and user management infrastructure, and provide a consistent experience for consumers and support teams.  

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Partner Services

Complement offering with a growing range of partner services available through the platform, addressing consumer demand while opening new revenue possibilities .

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