QuickSet® For Entertainment Devices

QuickSet® is Universal  Electronics’ award winning product family and the de facto solution for  simplifying universal control setup and operation. First introduced in  September 2009, QuickSet solution is a widely deployed technology already  in over 500 million devices around the world including set-top boxes,  televisions, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets to enable  effortless configuration and control of nearly any connected home entertainment  device.

QuickSet solution includes a range of patent protected, data driven intelligent  engines built on top of UEI’s industry-leading device knowladge graph, to automate setup and operation of devices in the home. QuickSet can  easily be integrated with any device using either simple Web APIs offered by  QuickSet Cloud™; or as an embedded software development kit optimized for your platform.

Discovery Engine

At  the core of every QuickSet solution, Discovery Engine enables automatic discovery and configuration of control interfaces for most HDMI or IP-connected  devices, using standard and proprietary data transmitted over these networks.

Intelligent filtering, prioritization and model search capabilities  based on market & location specific meta-data also help in simplifying  on-screen wizard to only what is relevant to the consumer, improving the user experience.

Predictive Engine

Predictive  Engine, extends the automatic  discovery and control capabilities of QuickSet by using a multitude of device  attributes and a predictive algorithm to identify a growing set of traits and  capabilities for a given target device. This can drastically simplify the user  setup experience and enable a range of new applications for smart device  vendors. As an example, with Predictive Engine, QuickSet  can now provide Smart TV manufacturers with an accurate prediction of a consumer’s  content provider to help SmartTVs interact and deliver value-add services based  on the connected set-top box.

Control Plus™ Engines

This patent-protected solution addresses common consumer challenges in universal device control across available wired and wireless control interfaces, issues such as mode  confusion and input switching. With Control Plus Engines, consumers switch  easily between activities and reliably view their chosen content source with a  single touch, and Control Plus handles the device specific control  requirements across different communication interfaces such as IP, Infrared, HDMI-CEC, Zigbee rf4ce and more.

One TouchView (OTV), a control function that enables users to instantly view theirdesired content with a single button press on the remote regardless of thestate of the set-top box, TV or connected media device. Unlike many of thedevices on the market today, this must have feature is not limited to HDMI-CECdevices, but delivers true universal market compatibility.

Video: What is QuickSet?

A short overview of what QuickSet is and how it simplifies universal control for entertainment devices.

Wide Platform Support

QuickSet as an embedded application supports a range of  platforms including Linux, Android, and  Windows with specific  services for RDK and Android TV.

Flexible Integration

QuickSet Cloud enables flexible integration through simple Web APIs, including  server-to-server for cloud video delivery platforms, resource-constrained  devices in IoT domain, and cross platform mobile applications effectively  making all the QuickSet features and benefits available to any connected  devices.


Protocol agnostic

Compatible with any bi-directional wireless standard for  over-the-air communication to a remote device, including Zigbee,  Bluetooth Smart and Wi-Fi