Advanced Voice Control and Content Navigation Solutions to Create the Ultimate Entertainment Experience

Content discovery and navigation made easy through Voice Search and Touch combined with robust services such as Rovi® cloud-based Guide

Home entertainment control continues to evolve. As content  and services continue to proliferate, they are changing consumer expectations,  which in turn are driving advances in user interfaces, navigation, and design.  Additionally, bi-directional wireless communication between devices and remote  controls is becoming more prevalent, enabling a better user experience. UEI is  the industry leader in matching the right technology to meet these interaction  needs.  UEI has the experience necessary  to successfully design and implement solutions, with millions  in advanced control solutions deployed worldwide with leading home  entertainment brands such as Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Comcast, DIRECTV, UPC,  Virgin Media, and others.

To address these changes in consumer needs, UEI has developed the Evoke  platform of remote control solutions.   Evoke, meant to stimulate the mind and involve the user, is voice  enabled across all designs, representing the most versatile and advanced platform  available today.

Evoke Z
Universal Electronics  is the first company to commercially deploy a voice-enabled Zigbee RF4CE  remote, a cost effective solution that is commercially feasible for mass  distribution in the cable and satellite markets.  The wide adoption of Zigbee RF4CE in these  markets allows integration without requiring major upgrade of set-top boxes. The platform also supports over  the air updates, integrated QuickSet® universal IR solution, and remote finder/speaker for audio feedback. This  platform is utilized for the recently announced Infinity XR-11 voice remote,  delivering a reliable voice search and natural voice experience.

Evoke Reach
Evoke Reach is a comfortable motion remote platform with a  simple motion pointing based user interface for content selection and  navigation that requires minimal user effort.   The design is the result of a series of usability tests for speed,  accuracy, and emotional response provided by customers and consumers feedback in  the UEI Designovation process.  This design combined with the  right user interface can produce a very simple, intuitive remote that is a  great match between a motion remote and a TV or set-top box user  interface.  As with all remotes in this  platform, UEI Evoke Reach supports voice, over the air updates, and has integrated QuickSet® universal IR capability.

Evoke Touch
Evoke Touch utilizes Bluetooth Smart communications popular  in consumer electronics.  The  ergonomically designed form incorporates an efficient and economical touchpad that  works simply and effortlessly in navigating a TV-type user interface.  As with all Evoke remotes, Touch supports  voice, over the air updates, and has integrated QuickSet®universal IR capability  All of these platforms not only utilize QuickSet for simple  setup, but UEI Universal Application Programming Interface (UAPI).   UAPI SDK provides a turnkey end-to-end  integration that is optimized for supporting advanced control commands and  reliable voice transmission over low power wireless connections.