Connectivity Solutions That Fit Every Need

Zigbee®  RF4CE, Simple and Intelligent

This non-line-of-sight solution is very intuitive while remaining very efficient at the same time.  RF4CE (Radio frequency for consumer electronics) is already in use in millions of homes. RF4CE can be tailored to provide an enhanced user experience in a wide range of applications. Its proven universal control capabilities, combined with effortless set up through UEI QuickSet® and a range of advanced options supported through Universal Remote Control API (UAPI) create a multitude of very versatile options.  For example, you’ll never have to look for another remote with a “Remote Finder” option, nor will you be left with an outdated controller with Over-the Air (OTA) Firmware update support.

Ubiquitous Connectivity Solutions with Wi-Fi Direct™

Wi-Fi Direct remotes can simplify integration of features such as gesture and voice control as well as user identification for a more personalized user experience. A Wi-Fi Direct solution requires minimal integration effort with host devices and no additional hardware on existing Wi-Fi implementations.

Bluetooth® Smart Connectivity Solutions

Embedded Bluetooth Smart (”low energy”) enables a host of interesting possibilities in mobile device interactivity between a remote and smartphone. These applications can extend beyond just universal AV control. For example, service providers can offer new enhanced services such as health and fitness monitoring by simply embedding these technologies in the most used device in the home, the remote control.

Touch to Share – NFC Sharing

Forrester Research predicted that the final number of NFC-enabled mobile devices shipping worldwide would more than double in 2012 to nearly 100 million. UEI embeds this emerging technology in a remote control to demonstrate easy sharing of video from a smart device to a connected TV and improved integration of second screen ad-related content with the primary viewing screen for synchronizing with companion apps, all with a single tap of the remote to the smartphone.



Speak Your Mind

This short video from CES 2013 demonstrates integration of Wi-Fi Direct to empower high-bandwidth applications like voice command in a low power solution.

Nomad Smart – Smart Connect

This short video from CES 2013 demonstrates applications for Bluetooth Smart technology.

Touch to Share

This short video from CES 2013 demonstrates a concept utilizing NFC in a remote to interact with content on a TV with a compatible NFC smart device.

Wi-Fi Direct

Arsham Hatambeiki of UEI introduces Wi-Fi Direct and uses it as an interface for control of today’s home entertainment environment.

ZigBee RF4CE: A Quiet Revolution is Underway

Presentation from a December 2012 webinar presented by Zigbee Alliance. Various guest speakers include Arsham Hatambeiki from UEI.