UEI puts you in control of technology

Today’s home has become the hub for a complex collection of devices, each speaking a seemingly different language. As new items are introduced into the home, how will they work with the devices that are already there? Will they be compatible and speak the same language? Will people be able to easily combine images from their new video and digital cameras and display them on their TVs – and do it all from the comfort of their living rooms?

At Universal Electronics, we’re solving these problems by providing the intelligence inside personal computers, electronic devices, and wireless controllers – solutions that simplify access to, and control of, the growing complexity of devices in the home. We’re all addressing the issue of interoperability by designing products and licensing our connectivity software, covering over 700,000 individual device functions, to companies around the world.


Zigbee® RF4CE, Wi-Fi Direct™, NFC, and Bluetooth® – the latest developments in innovative connectivity solutions for control and content engagement

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Device Discovery & Control

The proliferation of technology in the home creates a wide range of choices for the consumer. Serving this audience requires deciding on what types of technology to integrate into control devices and how to enable your remote to speak to them …

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Voice Control & Advanced Navigation

Home entertainment control continues to evolve as demands from consumers, and the proliferation of content and services have driven advances in the user onscreen interface and consequently the navigation, design, and two-way interactions between devices and remote controls.UEI is the industry leader in matching the right technology to meet these interaction needs.UEI has the experience necessary to successfully design and implement solutions

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Integrating Smart Devices Into Home Entertainment

Tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming a regular part of the home entertainment ecosystem.According to Nielsen Research, almost 90 percent of tablet and smartphone owners in the U.S. use their smart screen device while watching TV at least once during a month; almost 70% are doing this several times a week.

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