Smarter Living Through Technology

Today’s home has become the hub for a complex collection of devices, each speaking a seemingly different language. As new items are introduced into the home, how will they work with the devices that are already there? Will they be compatible and speak the same language? 

At Universal Electronics, we’re solving these problems – solutions that simplify access to, and control of, the growing complexity of devices in the home. We’re all addressing the issue of interoperability by designing products and licensing our connectivity software, improving consumer experiences on hundreds of millions of products globally.

QuickSet® Device Discovery and Control

Software and services to offer “Interoperability as a Service” with commonly used devices in the home.

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Simpler entertainment experience, and powerful smart home interaction through natural language interfaces.

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Energy management and safety and security solution to accelerate new service introduction.

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Low power and secure wireless connectivity solutions for smart home applications.

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