Universal Electronics Announces Comcast is the First to Deploy QuickSet Cloud

December 7, 2016

Subscribers Will Soon Use Their X1 Remote Control
to Connect 
With Nearly Any Home Entertainment Device 

SANTA ANA, CA Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (NASDAQ:UEIC), the worldwide leader in
universal control and sensing technologies for the smart home, today announced
that Comcast is the first service provider to deploy QuickSet Cloud™.

This unique software addition is
now integrated with Comcast’s innovative X1 Entertainment Operating System enabling
an effortless, automated set up experience for the groundbreaking X1 Voice

Universal Electronics’ QuickSet
Cloud offers the most complete database to ensure that nearly all consumer
entertainment devices can be automatically recognized and controlled with a
software handshake. This solves one of the biggest challenges consumers face
when accessing newly installed home entertainment devices for the first time.

“We are proud that Comcast has added QuickSet Cloud to their
flagship platform,” said Paul Arling, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
Universal Electronics. “As one of our most forward-thinking customers, this
milestone means we understand and deliver to Comcast’s high standards.”

Unlike previous versions of
QuickSet®, which require integration of embedded software in a set-top
box or other device, QuickSet Cloud is accessed by X1 through simple Web APIs, speeding
implementation of the application and utilizing real-time access to services.

Using the Comcast auto-setup
feature supported by QuickSet Cloud, X1 users will benefit from:

  • Automated
    Device Setup
    that enables automatic discovery and configuration of control
    interfaces for most HDMI-connected devices. 
    An X1 user’s TV is immediately recognized and automatically set up for
    universal control by the X1 Voice Remote.
  • Cloud
    access to Universal Electronics’ world-class device control database
    direct connectivity to the most robust collection of device control codes available,
    updated in real-time. This ensures that Xfinity subscribers have immediate
    access to the very latest control codes for almost every entertainment device
    imaginable, taking full advantage of the infinite processing power, scalability
    and updateability of Universal Electronics’ cloud platform.
  • All made possible through simple QuickSet
    Cloud Web APIs
    , enabling server-to-server integration for X1 cloud video
    delivery platform.

“What excites us about this feature
is that it brings our customers closer to the experiences they love. Instead of
fumbling with remote codes and instructions, they can just unbox a new remote
and start discovering great content right away,” said Jonathan Palmatier, vice
president, product development and consumer devices at Comcast Cable. “Universal
Electronics is an innovator in this space and consistently develops technology
that helps us deliver world-class experiences to customers.”

QuickSet is
Universal Electronics’ product family integrated in millions of devices
worldwide, including set-top boxes, connected TV’s, media devices, game consoles,
smartphones, tablets and more.

About Universal Electronics

Universal Electronics Inc.
(NASDAQ:UEIC) is the worldwide leader in universal control and sensing technologies
for the smart home.  For more
information, please visit www.uei.com/about.


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