Universal Electronics Hits New Milestone with QuickSet

July 30, 2015

Now Deployed in More Than 150 Million Devices Worldwide

Santa Ana,
CA —
Universal Electronics
Inc. (UEI)
(NASDAQ:UEIC), the worldwide leader in universal remote control
technologies and control interfaces, announced today that it has reached a new
milestone with its QuickSet® solution, having shipped the platform
in more than 150 million devices around the world.  This milestone represents a tremendous growth
reaching over 10 million users per month. With EchoStar and DISH, DirecTV,
Microsoft Xbox, and many other video service operators all shipping QuickSet on
their video delivery platforms, QuickSet has become a widely adopted
connectivity solution for entertainment worldwide.

QuickSet is
Universal Electronics’ software and web service that empowers seamless
connection and control throughout the home entertainment ecosystem. Embedded in a plethora of devices, including set-top boxes,
connected TVs, media devices, game consoles, smartphones and tablets, QuickSet
enables a growing list of popular smart devices and other electronics to
effortlessly control the entire home entertainment experience.

The latest
release, QuickSet 3.0, is able to detect connected home theater equipment and
programs the remote automatically for the user, eliminating the need for manual
IR code entry.  QuickSet 3.0 leverages
UEI’s world-class device control database to identify the specific model of the
device through the IDs captured over HDMI and/or IP, then  determines which specific model code should
be used to control that device.  QuickSet
3.0 then delivers this control code to the remote automatically using a two-way
RF connection.  With this auto-detect
feature, no user intervention is required and the best control code is assured
for the device. 

Lou Hughes,
Executive Vice President-Americas at UEI understands the importance of the user
experience to the subscription broadcast market in North and South America. “The
beauty of this solution is that the remote sets up automatically.  No more entering IR device codes on the
remote or searching for them on the internet or testing codes to see what
works.  You connect the service provider set-top
box to the TV and it just works.”

Hughes noted, “The
people at our company wake up every day to work on innovative solutions to develop
a friendlier way for consumers to control their devices and access their
content, driving operator revenues up and support costs down.  QuickSet is that solution.”

QuickSet 3.0
is also a solution that, with one button press, can simply tune any TV user
back to their service provider’s programming, regardless of whatever else was
previously active on the TV screen (such as gaming, DVD movie, or streaming content). 

“QuickSet is
truly changing the way we experience television. Its ‘One Touch View’ feature can,
with one touch of a button, tune any TV user back to their service provider’s
programming from whatever else anyone in their household was doing on the TV. It’s
a must-have for any truly compelling entertainment
experience,” Hughes added.

By deploying
QuickSet, service providers and device manufacturers are able to eliminate many
of the most common challenges and frustrations consumers face when watching TV,
such as mode confusion and input switching. Utilizing features such as
automatic device detection and configuration, dynamic key mapping and one-touch
view, QuickSet not only empowers users with a simpler, friendlier way to watch
TV, but also resolves many issues that can lead to support calls for service

About Universal Electronics

Founded in
1986, Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) is the global leader in wireless control
technology for the connected home. UEI designs, develops, and delivers
innovative solutions that enable consumers to control entertainment devices,
digital media, and home systems. The company’s broad portfolio of patented
technologies and database of infrared control software have been adopted by
many Fortune 500 companies in the consumer electronics, subscription broadcast,
and computing industries. UEI sells and licenses wireless control products
through distributors and retailers under the One For All® brand name. More
information is available at www.uei.com.


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