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CSR and Universal Electronics enable control of existing home entertainment products with Bluetooth® Smart remotes

September 25, 2014

CSR first to collaborate
with UEI to enable 
QuickSet®  setup and infra-red technology on Bluetooth Smart

(LSE: CSR; NASDAQ: CSRE) and Universal
Electronics Inc. (UEI)(NASDAQ: UEIC) today announce that CSR is collaborating
with UEI to add Infra-Red (IR) setup and control functionality to remote
controls based on CSR
Bluetooth® Smart platforms. With the capabilities
enabled by UEI’s QuickSet® , manufacturers who use the CSR1011™ chipset can deliver remote controls that offer consumers long
battery life and are compatible with their existing entertainment products like
DVD and Blu-ray players, cable boxes, stereo systems and other AV devices,
removing the need for multiple remote controls.  

“Most consumers have a variety of remote controls in their homes that
utilize Infra-Red LED technology to operate products that they have accumulated
over time such as digital media players and sound systems,” says Anthony
Murray, Senior Vice President, Business Group at CSR. “Working with UEI, CSR offers
customers an important competitive differentiator for their remotes and a ‘best
of both worlds’ solution. Consumers can control all of their existing devices
with a single remote; gain the low power benefits, increased responsiveness, and
interoperability enabled by Bluetooth Smart; and establish a gateway to additional
Internet of Things devices.”

The UEI QuickSet  IR command upload capability will be integrated
into CSR1011 based remote control SDKs. Selecting the QuickSet  option in the
CSR remote SDK enables end TV and set-top box suppliers to take advantage of UEI’s
device control database of entertainment devices, which gives users access to
literally hundreds of thousands of control functions for virtually all digital
entertainment electronics devices in the world. This simple solution emulates an
IR device on top of enabling a Bluetooth Smart remote control. By adding low-cost
IR LEDs in a design, CSR1011 based remotes can now seamlessly work with the QuickSet  application to detect, identify and control compatible devices traditionally
operated via IR remotes with minimal, if any, user setup.

QuickSet  integration with CSR1011 means that OEMs can achieve a lower
BOM, reduced complexity and engineering time, eliminating the need to purchase
secondary IR blasters.

“Bluetooth Smart connectivity enables a growing ecosystem of
devices interacting with TVs and set-top boxes, ranging from intelligent remote
controls to smartphones and wearables,” remarked Arsham Hatambeiki, Vice
President, Corporate Product Strategy at Universal Electronics. “The native
integration of QuickSet  with the CSR1011 Bluetooth Smart chip enables automatic
and seamless universal control of AV equipment as well as a range of new
applications and accessories around the home while reducing the cost and time
to market for smart remote controls.”

UEI QuickSet  is currently deployed in over 100 million devices on
a variety of platforms including set-top boxes, connected TVs, DVD and Blu-ray
players, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets on Linux, Windows, Android and
iOS operating systems.


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About Universal Electronics

in 1986, Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) is the global leader in wireless
control technology for the connected home. UEI designs, develops, and delivers
innovative solutions that enable consumers to control entertainment devices,
digital media, and home systems. The company’s broad portfolio of patented
technologies and database of infrared control software have been adopted by
many Fortune 500 companies in the consumer electronics, subscription broadcast,
and computing industries. UEI sells and licenses wireless control products
through distributors and retailers under the One For All® brand name. For
additional information, visit our website at

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