September 11, 2015

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Event Highlights


UEI is redefining the end-user experience when designing its control solutions. This will be explained by showcasing three distinct product concepts that are the result of delicately combining deep user insights, with the latest control technologies and design trends in form factor and materialisation. To support these product concepts, UEI will explain the results of its 2015 market research called ‘TV Zapping 2.0’ – an in-depth study on changing TV-viewing and content control habits in Europe performed by TRENDBOX, an Amsterdam based independent research agency.


This showcase will feature the full capabilities of the new UEI Smart Control BLE product line and how it is redefining the complete entertainment control experience for the end user. The latest QuickSet® release expands on the capabilities of the original product, which has been successfully deployed in over 150 million devices around the world, including set-top boxes, connected TVs, media devices, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets. Using Bluetooth Smart technology, QuickSet 3.0 leverages the two-way RF link between the remote and set-top to automatically configure control protocols for auto-discovered devices, to control virtually any television or entertainment device in the home, with minimal user input. Secondly, the UEI Smart Control BLE demo shows how its advanced input technologies – such as voice and motion-enabled control – help users to quickly find, access and control the ever growing amount of interactive TV services.


See UEI’s customer support services in action, helping create a better product experience for users. Demonstrations will focus on interactive simple set up apps and remote control experience tools that run on the connected set-top box or smart devices using UEI’s online web services for device control code lookup. Using these clever customer care tools, Multi-Service-Operators will see how these smart, self-service tools help to improve the user experience of the remote, while saving costs in the traditional customer care channels.