The Internet & Television Expo

May 5, 2015

Event Description

Revolving around the Internet and Television businesses from every dimension – economics, policy, technology, innovation, and more – INTX unites everyone from network operators and content creators to technologists and 20-something wunderkinds whose ideas are about to rock the world. Featuring product and service exhibits, presentations and discussions, special conferences and live attractions, INTX is a fresh new take on the trade show concept, bringing together a broader, more diverse group of participants than ever.

Event Highlights


The Comcast Xfinity XR11 advanced voice remote platform will be shown at the UEI booth at INTX as an excellent implementation of voice. UEI is supplying this latest voice remote platform as the premier universal remote in the XFINITY lineup. Using voice commands, the XR11 allows users to change channels, search for shows, get recommendations, and control their entire viewing experience faster and with less effort. Among its many features, the device comes embedded with Zigbee® RF4CE to reduce its power consumption and improve reliability, as well as over-the-air firmware updates and easy pairing for a quick and painless setup.


QuickSet 3.0 with Control Plus is UEI’s latest version of the software and cloud service that empowers seamless connection and control throughout the home entertainment ecosystem to a near endless list of smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other smart devices. With Control Plus, QuickSet 3.0 resolves many of the challengers consumers commonly face with AV control – including mode confusion and input switching – by utilizing features such as automatic IP and HDMI detection and configuration and dynamic key mapping based on the active content source device.