SCTE | Cable-Tec Expo

October 21, 2013

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2013 is the cable telecommunications engineering show of the year.SCTE hosts 10,000 attendees annually and provides the opportunity to discover and learn first-hand about the latest in cable telecommunications technology, products, and services.

Event Highlights


UEI offers a full line of RF4CE remote controls with the ability to control ANY RF4CE set-top box, giving universal RF coverage. In addition, UEI has a line of low cost RF4CE adapters that can convert any legacy non-RF STB to full RF control. These remote controls and RF adapters will be functioning and on display at the UEI booth


Nevo® Portal offers your subscribers the ability to browse EPG content and control their whole home theater with their smartphone or tablet. In addition, Nevo® Portal acts as a secondary table-top remote control that is always ready and easy to find.


Programming a universal remote to control your equipment is often confusing to subscribers and results in support calls. UEI QuickSet eliminates those issues by automatically detecting what devices are in the home theater stack, determines the proper IR code to assign, and then programs the remote for the user over a 2-way RF link from the STB to the remote. All that is required is a small bit of UEI software running on an RF-equiped STB along with a 2-way RF remote control.


A common support call involves subscribers complaining that there is no cable TV signal or that the cable box won’t turn on. In actuality, they simply have the TV on the wrong input. This costs NA cable operators millions of support dollars every year. Control Plus resolves that issue by automatically ensuring that everything required to watch cable TV is turned on and will automatically put it on the correct input. There is no new HW involved, simply add a small bit of SW to the STB and the problem is solved.


Experience how a remote control can be used to share and transfer video streamed on a TV to video streamed to a phone or tablet. In addition, this technical demonstration shows how to leverage this tagging technology into additional advertising and programming revenue.


UEI offers a full selection of cables and accessories that are needed for cable box installs in the field. Our high-quality cable selection includes HDMI, Coax, Ethernet, Component, Composite, and other cables commonly used in installs. In addition, we offer a full kitting service where we supply everything needed to go with the set-top box all in a sealed poly bag that is ready to go on the installers truck.