Integrating Smart Devices Into Home Entertainment

Smart Solutions for Smart Devices

Tablets and smartphones are quickly becoming a regular part of the  home entertainment ecosystem.  According to Nielsen Research, almost 90  percent of tablet and smartphone owners in the U.S. use their smart screen  device while watching TV at least once during a month; almost 70% are doing  this several times a week.

With an expanding list of design wins on leading mobile  handset and tablet device manufacturers, UEI has demonstrated  their successful solutions for embedded control in 2nd screen devices. This includes a global device discovery and control cloud service, the industry-leading QuickSet Cloud® solution,  coupled with features such as automatic device discovery; and a comprehensive range of  small footprint infrared micro-controllers for quick integration in any smart  device. For mobile app developers targeting smartphone platforms that do not natively integrate UEI’s control solution, we offer the same industry-leading QuickSet solution with accessories such as Nevo Portal.
Nevo Home Beta for Android – get a sneak peek of how we’re using our technology to build more capabilities to help you discover, remember, and interact with devices and content around you. (more at