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Detailed Description

Key Features

  • Indoor and Outdoor antennas
  • DVB-T & DVB-T2 compliant
  • Active noise filters for GSM or G4 LTE

UEI's aerials have built-in noise filters that remove interference from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DECT, and other RF sources.

The filter ensures that only relevant digital information passes through the tuner and helps provide crystal clear reception and the "purest" signal possible.

In addition to the built-in noise filter, Filter+ is additional extra-stage active filtering and includes a GSM or 4G LTE block filter that prevents external GSM/4G interference from blocking the signal.  It ensures crystal clear reception of digital signals and greatly reduced interference from mobile phones and 4G networks.


Model:  TA335000 TA336000 TA337000
Indoor/Outdoor:  IndoorIndoorOutdoor (IP55)
Frequency range:  UHF/VHFUHF/VHF
Reception:Digital & AnalogDigital & Analog
Digital & Analog
Digital standards:  Active +GSM Block Filter
(4G LTE filter, option)
Active +GSM Block Filter
(4G LTE filter, option)
Active +GSM Block Filter
(4G LTE filter, option)
NF (db):< 2 dB< 2 dB
< 4 dB
Total Gain VHF:20 dBi16-20 dBi12-18 dBi
Total Gain UHF:24-27 dBi22-25 dBi22-24 dBi
Dimensions (cm):18.9x10.6x2.817.6x3.65x9.233.5x12x7
Power:5V Set-top box5V Set-top box
5V Set-top box